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A couple of years ago the Nicaraguan sky paled again, it began to rain and the sound rays made its center reverberate. We once again heard vividly in the streets the cries demanding justice and freedom. Fear, impotence and indignation gradually filled the empty spaces, a duel that reminded us of the duels of the past peeked out again through the crack of the doors.


We were born and received by the winds of this country, we were inundated with its smells, caresses and smiles, we grew up listening to the stories of our grandmothers and grandfathers, mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles. We share a deep love for Nicaragua and we come to hurt it too.

The arrow of injustice that continues to cross our mountains was revealed to us on multiple occasions, but in 2018 our training, age and commitment mobilized and organized us in this collective that we now call Sanar Nicaragua.  


One afternoon we got together, each one brought her anger, pain, despair, and from sharing loving listening emerged as a transforming possibility. We decided to trust our hands and voices as instruments to heal and practice justice.

During this time, many people have passed through the collective and have joined in caring for this dream. We have learned to claim joy without losing outrage, to dream of freer sunsets, to listen, pamper, embrace and continue taking care of ourselves to resist together with others. We discovered that loving accompaniment is political and also saves lives, that we can flourish in the community. We confirm that the processes are not linear, there is no time limit, we heal in the search for truth and justice.


We continue to learn from each other, now we face different challenges but the desire to grow does not change. We continue to fight to heal, and we demand profound transformations that allow us to recognize and validate our wounds in order to repair the tissue.

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