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Who  are we?

We are a group of psychologists that provides containment and accompaniment in crisis in a virtual, free and safe way in Nicaragua. We work in a network and mainly on a voluntary basis with editors, designers, illustrators and communicators, in order to create psychoeducational content for dissemination on our networks. 


We recognize the importance of taking care of ourselves and exploring new strategies to live safer and freer, which is why we are committed to psychoeducation as a political and resistance tool. By making the power of information collective, we expand conversations related to our well-being, we name ourselves as active subjects, capable of healing ourselves and healing our spaces together, and we question inequalities in access to knowledge

We see transformative possibilities in our work, especially for groups that have been historically oppressed and who have been denied the opportunity to live accompaniments that are respectful and appropriate to our contexts, cultures and beliefs. 


We accompany each other in the daily struggle to resist, heal and create fairer realities for all.


Thank you for trusting us and our work!

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