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Communication and administration team

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Audiovisual collaborators

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In communication the beauty of the day to day is born in our social networks. Here ideas flourish on how to communicate our affections, knowledge and learning. Here we see how anger is transformed into sunsets of beautiful colors and indignation into loving invitations to continue fighting.

This small team arises from the need to continue creating content and in the search for fair conditions for all the people who are part of the team and who walk alongside us. 


Much of what we do stems from self-management and the immense support of people who trust us and what we do.

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Allied Therapists

The audiovisual collaborators are the visible magic in many of the videos, audios, animations and written-printed material of the collective. They fight together with us to break down the barriers that limit everyone's access to psychoeducation and kind and transformative information.


Thank you for creating the ideas, patterns, shapes and figures that accompany our dreams and products.

The allied therapists are people who work closely with us to respond to requests for support that come to the collective. They are independent psychologists, convinced that access to safe and empathic therapeutic spaces is a right of all people. 


Thank you for the trust in our projects, for the energy, time and love destined to accompany others.

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Psychologist team

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People who walk next to us

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Throughout these three years many paths have crossed and many people have left. In this post we want to thank the presence and life of each and every one, who with their bets, dreams and searches have found in Sanar and together with us, a transitory home to dream, grow and fight._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Thank you for trusting, disturbing, questioning and continuing to love from multiple places and through multiple ways.

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